The contest

The selection procedure

To ensure a fair evaluation of the proposals, the selection process is performed in four different phases, involving four different groups of evaluators: independent experts who collaborate with CP Start-Up, the CP Start-Up Commitee of Experts, the Ticino StartCup 2017 National Committee (the Jury), and the audience attending the Awarding Ceremony on December 6, 2017.
For each selection stage, participants will be duly notified by email about the outcome of the assessments of their projects.


By June 25, 2017:
submission and collection of applications; proposals shall be submitted in English.


By July 17, 2017:
pre-selection of twenty projects by independent experts appointed by the CP Start-Up.
To access the next selection phase, the pre-selected project teams are required to follow the Accelerator Program


The Accelerator Program

The StartCup Ticino 2017 includes a phase named Accelerator Program for the duration of about three months.
During the Accelerator Program, the 20 projects selected by independent experts appointed by the CP Start-Up will have the opportunity to closely work with Coaches that will provide expert information and advice on how to potentially turn innovative ideas into practicable entrepreneurial experience. The StartCup Ticino Organization will define common guidelines and share them with coaches and candidates. For more details see the Terms section.


Schedule of the StartCup Accelerator Program 2017

July 19, 2017 - Suglio Auditorium, Manno
Kickoff meeting: presentations of the selected Projects and the respective Teams; introductions of the StartCup Coaches

July 20, 2017
Assignment of Coaches to Projects

July 21, 2017
Start of the Accelerator Program: Coaches & Teams bilaterally work on Projects

September 28, 2017- Suglio Auditorium, Manno
Intermediate reunion: project teams will present Business Plan Synopsis, Lean Canvas, Draft Presentation.

October 1 – 26, 2017
Continuation of the coaching activity and fine tuning of the applications to be submitted to the CP Start-Up Commission of Experts

October 26, 2017- Suglio Auditorium, Manno
Closing Event of the Accelerator Program: project presentations by the Teams, collection of feedback forms provided by the Teams for the evaluation of the Accelerator Program


The 25 Business Ideas admitted to the Cantonal Accelerator

Arca24 HR Software Solutions
BigOmics Analytics
Blockchain Health Record
EcoFire GG77 Organic Flame Retardant
Emporio Paese
GPV Advanced Research
Higher performance competition gliders
Smart Water Skimmer
Teach Me!
Wash My Pants

By November 10, 2017:
selection, by the CP Start-Up Commitee of Experts, of ten finalists whose promoters will be invited to the audition.



December 5, 2017:
audition of ten finalists by the Ticino StartCup 2016 National Committee and designation of the five projects that will automatically participate to the Swiss Economic Award and to the 3° Swiss Venture Day Ticino.

The Award Ceremony

December 6, 2016:
final event of the Ticino StartCup 2017 at USI (Lugano); presentation of the five projects selected by the StartCup Ticino 2017 National Committee; awarding of the top five ranked proejcts and announcement  of the winner.

Evaluation criteria

The submitted projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria

Do you address a specific need and/or problem?

Do you offer a solution with a reasonable fit? (Problem/Solution Fit)

Is the potential market size big enough to build a sustainable company?

Market Potential

Are your revenue streams plausible?

Can your revenue streams scale in a way to make profit?

Business Model

Are all core skills on board to reach the next milestone?

Are you aware of the missing competencies to reach the next level?


Do you have a clear competitive advantage in your value proposition?

Do you have a clear IP strategy?


Will you create jobs in Ticino in the next few years?

Will you be able to attract investments?

Impact for Ticino

The Jury

the Ticino StartCup 2017 National Committee

Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier (President)
Managing Director
Swiss Startup Invest.

Claude Amiguet
CTI Coach.

Christian Brand
Co-Founder BG&P AG, Bern;
start-up Expert.

Silvia Panigone
General Manager
ADYA Consulting; CTI Coach

Valesko Wild
Canton Ticino, DFE, Capo dell'Ufficio per lo sviluppo economico.

Claude-Alain Cariola
Direttore Corporate Advisory
EFG Bank

Pascale Vonmont
Deputy Director Gebert Rüf Foundation; Delegate of the strategy board of venture kick.

The awards

Fostering the best business ventures

The five best selected candidates (including the winner) will:

  • present their business idea or project during the final event of the Ticino StartCup 2017, with increased visibility in term of media exposure;
  • be granted direct admission, thanks to the co-operation with the Swiss Economic Forum, to the 2° selection phase at the Swiss Economic Award
  • take part, thanks to the co-operation with the Swiss Startup Invest, to the 3rd Swiss Venture Day Ticino
  • benefit from the support of CP Start-Up for the production and development of the business idea or project.


Thanks to the support of the Department of Finances and Economics of the Canton Ticino, through its Economic Development Bureau, of the sponsor EFG, and of the  institutional partners - CTI, USI, SUPSI, Fondazione AGIRE - the top five finalists of the StartCup Ticino 2017 will be awarded with:

  • 50'000 CHF to the StratCup Ticino 2017 winner
  • 30'000 CHF to the second ranked project
  • 20'000 CHF to the third ranked project
  • 10'000 CHF to the fourth and fifth ranked projects

The prize winners are required to invest the funds in the development of their projects, for which they will also receive support from the sponsors and CP Start-Up.


Thanks to EMBA the winnwer will be awared with a scholarship (covering registration fees of 45'000 CHF) for the Master in Business Administration at USI.

Thanks to Connect Switzerland the top three ranked projects will be awarded with vouchers worth 1'500 CHF each for free coaching on presentation to investors and free admission to Connect Switzerland platform for potential matching with qualified investors in Europe and the USA.

Thanks to STARTUPS.CH the top three ranked projects will be awarded with vouchers worth 1'500 CHF each for free consultancy activities.

Thanks to ANDROMEDA Innovation the top three ranked projects will be awarded with vouchers worth 1'500 CHF each for the business development of their project through free coaching, advising and presentation to investors.
Thanks to yourCFO the winner will be awarded with a voucher worth 2'600 CHF each for free consultancy activities, the second and the third ranked projects with vouchers worth 1'300 CHF.


How to participate

Few simple rules

The participation in the Ticino StartCup 2017 competition is free.

It requires compliance in particular with conditions and procedures described in TERMS of StartCup Ticino 2017.


The Evaluators

In order to ensure an objective evaluation through the different stages of the selection, 4 different groups of evaluators will be involved:

  • an expert group referred by the CP Start-Up;
  • the CP Start-Up Commission of Experts;
  • the national StartCupTicino 2017 Committee (the Jury);
  • the audience present at the final event.


The designation of the winner

The winning project will be selected during the final event of the StartCup Ticino 2017, on December 6, 2017.

  • For each of the 5 projects selected by the StartCup Ticino 2017 Committee, a representative will have to present the project to the final event.
  • The participating audience will be given the opportunity to assess the 5 projects and express their choices by e-voting process.
  • The winning project will be determined by combining the outcome of e-voting with the vote of the national Committee of the StartCup Ticino 2017 (the Jury).

How to apply

submit your business idea or project

To access the Application Form to the StartCup Ticino 2017 Competition is necessary to register to the webplatform StartCup Ticino by clicking


The procedure for the submission includes filling out the online application form divided into 5 steps.

Applications submitted may be modified and improved until the deadline for registration.

After registration, the application form is accessible through the Login procedure (see Login in the header of the website)

Frequently Asked Questions

the answers

Participants must submit their application in English. Applications written in Italian will be rejected.

Applications must be submitted in electronic form through the online application form. Paper applications will be rejected.

The online application form includes all information deemed necessary for the evaluation of projects. No additional documentation or attachments are required.